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Tech Pro Professional Auto Tools was established at Scarborough Toronto, Canada in 2008. We provide in retail and wholesale all kinds of automotive special/professional mechanic tools, car diagnostic tools, testing gauge and shop equipments for technicians/mechanics and shop owners' choice.

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Get Feasible AUTOLAND iScan 2 wt for Branded Cars

Autoland iscan 2 wt diagnostic scanner with dealer-level capabilities and coverage for over 40 global vehicles is the next generation of the original Autoland iScan-2. Sold all over the world and a best selling scantool in the Canada, the iSCAN II wt brings speed and depth of diagnostics to a completley new level not seen before at this price bracket.

Autoland iscan 2 wt offers all these unique features:

● Fast Handheld Scan Tool. Don’t wait for the scan tool to boot
● Toggle from make to make easily without having to wait
● Module Auto-detection; No Need to enter VIN
● 6” LCD Screen
● Interfaces integrated in the back of unit
● Simple Navigation; Select Make, Model, System and Function
● Powerful coverage: Access to 40 makes
● Coverage to OE systems (Not just generic) Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS, Instrument Cluster, Climate Control

At TechPro Professional Tools, you can find the latest Autoland iscan 2 wt at $7,400.00. The functions of this product include: Read, Clear, Data Stream, Activations, Adaptation, Coding and Programming, Service Resets, Programs Keys, Calibrate Steering Angle Sensors, VIN rewrite, Coding for modules on European Vehicles, Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor ID registration, Idle Learn, EVAP and EGR tests.

The next generation of Autoland iScan-2 with new Dealer-Level Capabilities. Unbeatable coverage for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VAG, Volvo, Porsche, Land Rover……

● BMW Offline Programming – Programs E65, E60, E90, E70 like a factory tool … (SSS), BMW F Series coverage
● Dificult to beat for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VAG, Land Rover, Volvo and Porsche
● Interface Module Simulation System (IMS2), Interface with dealer scanner software including Mercedes-Benz,        BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo,Jaguar/Land Rover, Toyota, Ford…
● DOL (Diagnostic OnLine) Integrated DOL Functions and Online Database & Troubleshooting accessible through    the Internet.
● External Modules for Different Test Purposes, like ScopeMeter, Battery Test, Ignition Test, and etc…
● Truck Diagnosis: HINO, FUSO, ISUZU, UD and DYNA
● Full vehicle scan of all ECUs and faults
● ECU Adaptation (ex Idle Speed Learning, Window Motor Reset, Fuel Tank Type, Immo Key Learning, SBC / EBC  Control)
● ECU Coding (ex Install New ECU, Day Light Setting, Install New Sensor, Install New Component)
● Service Reset (ex BMW CBS Reset – Time Service Reset, Oil Reset, Brake Reset…)

Vehicle Coverage:

● Measure Battery Condition,Charge State, and Battery Life
● Measure Charging System with Ripple Test and Load Test
● Cranking Voltage Waveform

Contact Details
1533 Warden Ave, Toronto, M1R 4Z8, Ontario,Canada
Shop Fax : 416-754-7802
Phone : 416-754-8000

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Fan Clutch Pulley Holder

There are various types of auto tools available to make your car repairing easier. Well, one of the most important auto tools is fan clutch pulley holder. Intended for fan clutch pulley holder and more up to date passage 6.0-L power-stroke motors! One of a kind fan grasp wrench holds what's more, safely holds the pulley lodging. Fan grasp holding device to slacken and expel oval or round gap holding nut. The GearWrench 2-Piece Fan Clutch Pulley Holder Set Ford Powerstroke 6.0 Liter arrives in a plastic case for simple device stockpiling.

Gear Wrench is 1 of the main names in car repair apparatuses and hardware. The Packaging and Marking may change amongst Gear Wrench and KD devices because of brand solidification. Fan grasp wrench set. All inclusive fan clutch pulley holder with the requirement for different size holding torques! Used to expel and supplant thermostatic fan gatherings. Applications include: Ford trucks with 2.8 L, 2.9 L, 3.0 L, 4.0 L, 4.9 L, and 5.0 L motors. Avoid trucks with 3.9 L, 5.2 L, 5.9 L, 8.0 L V10 motors. GM trucks with 4.3 L, 5.0 L and 5.7 L motors.

Jeeps with 5.2 L motors! So you are attempting to expel and supplant my fan grip at this moment. When I go to release the nut, it just twists the entire water pump pulley. The belt is still joined and as per the pressure arm it's bounty tight (marker line is near the twofold line). The water pump pulley is turning with the nut and slipping on the belt. What do I do? Attempt fan grasp pulley holder. Since each motor is distinctive, you could possibly need to make each stride sketched out in this article. It is implied as a general rule you can take after; however, you may need to change the means to fit your motor sort. Presently, find the fan in the front of the motor compartment.