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Tech Pro Professional Auto Tools was established at Scarborough Toronto, Canada in 2008. We provide in retail and wholesale all kinds of automotive special/professional mechanic tools, car diagnostic tools, testing gauge and shop equipments for technicians/mechanics and shop owners' choice.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Advanced Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Autoland iscan 2 wt

ISCAN 2 the most versatile tool ever designed for automotive diagnostics! ISCAN 2 is a 3 in 1 hand held scan tool that can be used as a stand alone unit, a PC interface and pass through device all in one combined to become the most powerful yet cost effective scan tool solution for today’s technicians.Autoland Scientech’s ISCAN 2 provides in-depth coverage that you need in order to quickly diagnose problems in European, Asian and Domestic vehicles saving you time and money! 
Autoland iScan 2 wt EURO + ASIAN - interface Module Simulation System. Autoland iScan 2 wt diagnostic scanner with dealer-level capabilities and coverage for over 40 global vehicles, is the next generation of the original Autoland iScan-2. It is an all-in-one scanner Works on both Domestic and Imported Vehicles and Costs a lot less than other comparable Auto Repair scanners. 

Some Functions of ISCAN 2 are follows
  •     Fast Handheld Scan Tool. Don’t wait for the scan tool to boot
  •     Toggle from make to make easily without having to wait
  •     Module Auto-detection; No Need to enter VIN
  •     6” LCD Screen
  •     Interfaces integrated in the back of unit
  •     Simple Navigation; Select Make, Model, System and Function
  •     Powerful coverage: Access to 40 makes
  •    Coverage to OE systems (Not just generic) Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS, Instrument Cluster, Climate Control
Looking for that higher level of diagnostics and programming on European vehicles, plus excellent Asian vehicle coverage. The Autoland iScan II wt is the tool for you with high level software putting more power in your hands! It Covers latest model European models including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, VW, Audi, Porsche, Landrover plus more...

Although the most of iSCAN II's coverage is the similar to the VEDIS II, you may wonder why the iScan II is more expensive than the VEDIS II: What really sets the iScan II wt apart is the fact that it can emulate the OEM dealer tools of BMW, Mercedes-Benx, Porsche, Land Rover, Volvo, Ford, Mazda, VAG and Toyota. This means that if you have a subscription for any of those OEMs or have the OEM software licence for the software installation on your laptop, the iScan II wt will work as a backup to your authentic OEM interface. This means you can have full OEM functionality with just one backup interface.

Contact Info
Tech Pro Auto & Tools Ltd
1533 Warden Ave
Toronto, Ontario, M1R 4Z8, Canada
Shop Fax : 416-754-7802
Phone : 416-754-8000

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Friday, 22 April 2016

Check the latest Jaguar and Autoland Products at Techprotools

In some ways, the increase in computerized auto components makes it easier for car owners to determine what is wrong with their vehicles. Instead of taking the vehicle in to a mechanic and having to pay for a diagnostic, owners can check their car’s systems themselves by using a car diagnostic tool.. These tools or scanners are easy to use and usually come with helpful instruction booklets or software. With a car diagnostic tool, drivers no longer have to wonder what the glowing engine light on their dashboard means. Instead, they can find out for themselves without needing to take their car to a shop.

At Techprotools, we provide in retail and wholesale all kinds of automotive special/professional mechanic tools, car diagnostic tools, testing gauge and shop equipment for technicians/mechanics and shop owners’ choice. We have the knowledge and fully understand what the technicians’ require. Jaguar Land Rover is the UK’s largest automotive manufacturing business, built around two iconic British car brands: Land Rover, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium all-wheel drive vehicles and Jaguar, one of the world’s premier luxury sports saloon and sports car marques.
Jaguar-Land Rover diagnostic tool Features:
1. Data Lists
2. Active Tests
3. Monitor
4. Utility tests
5. Reprogramming
6. Diagnostics Trouble Codes

Techprotools provides following Jaguar car tools at affordable prices.
Timing Tool Kit:
This kit provides the required timing tools to lock the camshaft and crankshaft in their timed position on the post 2010 V8 5.0 petrol engines in the Jaguar and Land Rover ranges. Timing tool camshaft alignment, to lock the ring gear. To tension the VVT during the timing procedure. We provide Land Rover – L6 3.2 L Cam Alignment / Timing Kit only at $395, Land Rover – V6 2.5L Timing Tool Kit only at $305, V8 5.0L Timing Tool Kit only at $450.

Nut Socket:
This tool assists the mechanic in removing the ABS sensor ring. This tool is designed to the exact specifications as the Jaguar factory. We offer Jaguar ABS Rotor Nut Socket only at $145.00. Jaguar ABS Rotor Nut Socket Rotor nut socket for use with Jaguar XK8 / XJ8.

Timing Tools Set:
Timing tools are essential to ensure the engine timing is being set appropriately in order to allow the engine to run smoothly. The Timing Tool range consists of uniquely designed engine timing and locking tool kits required for the servicing and repairs of modern passenger vehicle engines. We provide Jaguar / Land Rover Timing Tools Set on at $295.00.

Fan Clutch Tool:
Fan Clutch Holder allows the technician to hold the water pump pulley in place while loosening the radiator fan. We deliver Land Rover Fan Clutch Tool – 2 pcs only at $95.

Fuel Injector Remover:
Adding 16 ounces of fuel injector cleaner to your tank improves the car performance by miles. It is one of the cheapest and best methods to solve common car problems like hard starting, low gas mileage, stalling, etc. Although even the lightest car today weighs in at over a ton, its proper functioning depends on very small apertures in its fuel line system called injectors. At Techpro tools we provide Fuel injector remover # 310-197 only at $160.
The company’s objective is to design and provide high quality, durable and affordable professional tools to the general public. VeDiS II is Autoland’s newest diagnostic interface. It is completely handheld and requires no external interface. Its durable slim design features a sealed touch-pad and an easy-to-read LCD screen.

Other Features & Specifications of Autoland Vedis II :
  • World’s Fastest Handheld Scan Tool
  • Superior Design: No External Interfaces Needed
  •  Module Auto-detection. No Need to enter VIN
  • 7” LCD Screen
  •  First Scan tool with Touch Screen Keypad
  •  Access to 40 makes
  • Coverage to OE systems (Not just a generic scan tool) including
  • engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, instrument cluster, climate Control
  • and many more.
  •  Functions include: Read, Clear, Data Stream, Activations, Adaptation
  • and Coding and Programming as well as Service Resets
  • Programs Keys
  • Calibrate Steering Angle Sensors
  • VIN rewrite
  • Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor ID registration
  • Idle Learn
  • Small Case Convenient for Storage
  • EVAP and EGR tests
Our other Autoland Products are:
Panasonic Toughbook CF-52
AUTOLAND iScan II wt / BMW ICOM Add-on Only
AUTOLAND - iScan II wt / IMS2 + BMW ICOM Add-on Only
iScan II wt / Truck Package Add-on Only
AUTOLAND - e-iSCAN / Subscription Fee - 1 Year
AUTOLAND CA15 Scopemeter and many more.

Contact Info
Tech Pro Auto & Tools Ltd
1533 Warden Ave
Toronto, Ontario,Canada
M1R 4Z8
Shop Fax : 416-754-7802
Phone : 416-754-8000

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Autoland iscan II WT – An Excellent Gadget to fix Error

Autoland iscan II wt inspect gadget, the new period keeping nothing down one yield instrument with brisk conclusion. This range gadget covers more than 40 makes of vehicles, including Euro, Asian and family. With this instrument, customers can do the going with on all systems: read and clear codes, data stream, activation, modification, arrangement and organization resets. Distinctive parts join key programming, throttle body conformities, managing point arrangements and TPMS enrollment. 
Diagnostic Scanner Autoland iscan II wt is overwhelmingly advancing in the all inclusive business focus, and our present endeavors are superb in light of our association's history. Taking after fourteen years of tireless work and obligation to enormity, this gadget has formed into one of the world's driving creators of auto investigative instruments. Since its initiation, Autoland has ascended as a discernible player in business segments over the globe and its reputation has joined an all inclusive arrangements force of more than thirty of the world's most particular auto vendors. In this manner our characteristic equipment can be found on every terrain on earth, and our things are rapidly soaking new markets to bring specialists and mechanics the latest in auto diagnostics at quite engaged expenses. With a specific end goal to know more about this refined device, you better can take the assistance of the web medium.
Autoland iscan II wt has capable output apparatus capacities including access to ABS, SRS, immobilizer and Service Reset frameworks.
  • ·         Indepth scope
  • ·         Interface with production line programs
  • ·         Code and program modules
  • ·         Troubleshooting on European vehicles
Autoland iscan II wt has most current indicative interface. It is totally handheld and requires no outer interface. Its sturdy thin plan includes a fixed touch-cushion and a simple to-peruse LCD screen.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Get the Jaguar Tools and Keep your Car Damaged Free

The mechanical and physical apparatuses serve as an awesome utility in every single modern area of the world. The use of these actualizes diminishes worker hours and endeavors, while expanding the work proficiency in the meantime.

TechPro Professional Auto Tools offers all sort of car exceptional/proficient repairman apparatuses, auto demonstrative devices, testing gage and shop types of gear for experts/mechanics and shop proprietors decision. It offers tolls for many branded cars like Audi & Volkswagen, BMW, Chrysler, Ford & Mazda, Honda & Acura, Jaguar / Land Rover, Porsche and many more.

Here are the tools for Jaguar at TechPro tools:--
Fuel Injector Remover # 310-197:
Fuel injectors are little electro-mechanical gadgets that are utilized to shower fuel into the admission complex specifically before the admission valve. The injector has a last high micron channel in the top gulf side and little hypodermic-sized gaps on the base for the atomizing of fuel. The fuel goes about as a greasing up operators for the injector. Water in the fuel is to a great degree harming to the injectors because of the way that it uproots the greasing up properties of the fuel. This Fuel Injector Remover is available at $160.00.

Jaguar ABS Rotor Nut Socket:
This tool is introduced specifically for Jaguar models.
Application: 1997-2006 XJ8/XK8
OEM 206-066A
Essential tool

Land Rover Fan Clutch Tool - 2 pcs:
A sensible way to remove and replace your viscous fan clutch without ruining it! Land Rover Fan Clutch Tool fits bolt-on type pulleys. No adjusting or fiddling. Simply hook on with one hand and hold, then use one of our Land Rover Fan Clutch Tool to remove the viscous fan clutch. Reverse to install. Our professional quality fan clutch tools are long with enough leverage to easily remove the viscous coupler and fan. Get it at $95.00 from TechPro Tools.

TechPro Tools provides Timing Tools for Jaguar like:

  • Jaguar / Land Rover Timing Tools Set-- $295.00
  • Land Rover - L6 3.2 L Cam Alignment / Timing Kit-- $395.00
  • Land Rover - V6 2.5L Timing Tool Kit-- $305.00
  • V8 5.0L Timing Tool Kit-- $450.00


Get these Jaguar products from Tech Pro Tools.

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