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Tech Pro Professional Auto Tools was established at Scarborough Toronto, Canada in 2008. We provide in retail and wholesale all kinds of automotive special/professional mechanic tools, car diagnostic tools, testing gauge and shop equipments for technicians/mechanics and shop owners' choice.

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Monday, 28 March 2016

Autoland Vedis II is the Best of its Kind

There are different types of automobile technician tools that help to make car repairing and maintenance much easier. In this article we are going to know about Autoland Vedis II tool and other professional devices for automobile repairing. You must be aware about weight transducers. A degree can be utilized to determination mechanical frameworks on the off chance that you have the right extension adornments. A weight transducer transforms weight changes in air and liquids into signs that can be shown on an extension. 
With a weight transducer associated with the dipstick tube, you can perform a hole down check without pulling a solitary sparkle plug. Autoland Vedis II tool can likewise be utilized on cooling, transmission and fumes frameworks. Packs will fluctuate in cost contingent upon the weight scope of the transducer and the connectors incorporated into the set. Another tool is the breakout boxes; one of the best ventures you can make is the buy of breakout boxes. A breakout box can permit you to leave a sweep instrument associated while as yet having entry the pins of the OBD II connector. This can be exceptionally useful when diagnosing serial information transport issues. 

Connector Adapters - on a few circuits, staying a pin into the protection can prompt consumption issues like on account of wheel velocity sensor circuits. Connector connectors can permit you to make your estimations without harming the protection or pins in the connector. Current Clamps – It can quantify the attraction of a module to the measure of current required for a starter. In the event that you have to gauge the measure of current in a circuit; you require a present clasp. Make certain to choose the right range and elements for your demonstrative needs. There are different types of auto scan tools, but among them Autoland Vedis II is the best of its kind.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Tech Pro Auto Tools-- The Most Far Reaching Diagnostic Tools Supplier

The iSCAN II wt interface is the latest universal hand-held scanner from AutoLand Scientech. The iSCAN II wt delivers dealer-level capabilities and coverage for over 40 brands. It can be used independently or with a PC for specific functions. The frequently updated software provides comprehensive coverage for most European, Asian & Domestic manufacturers.

The newly-arrived Autoland iscan II wt is capable of diagnostics and reprogramming using its own software. It can also replace several OEM interfaces including: BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi, Acura, Porsche, Toyota, Mazda, Ford, Jaguar and Land Rover.

  • Fast Navigation
  • Large Coding and Programming Capabilities
  • Wireless Capability 
TechPro Tools also provides automotive produts of Jaguar like:
  • Fuel Injector Remover # 310-197
  • Jaguar / Land Rover Timing Tools Set
  • Jaguar ABS Rotor Nut Socket
  • Land Rover Fan Clutch Tool - 2 pcs
  • Land Rover - L6 3.2 L Cam Alignment / Timing Kit
  • Land Rover - V6 2.5L Timing Tool Kit
  • V8 5.0L Timing Tool Kit
Fuel Injector Remover:
fuel injectors in your car play a very important part in the motors fuel delivery system. It must deliver the exact amount of gasoline that is required by the motor, even when the car requires quick and constant shifts from one situation to the next. The fuel injection remover system is a huge development in automotive engineering since it has to be able to deliver the benefits of making your vehicle less polluting and more fuel efficient. The fuel injectors in your car have a very important role because they are responsible for delivering gasoline to your cars motor.

Fan Clutch Tool:
Quickly removes and installs fan clutch when repairing the water pump or fan clutch. Faster and easier than conventional fan clutch wrenches. No holding wrench is necessary.

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Friday, 4 March 2016

Autoland Iscan II WT Scanner

The Autoland iscan II wt scanner is unquestionably a condition of-workmanship indicative strategy that conveys more exact, significantly all the more unfaltering, expanded careful, much more straightforward and a considerable measure faster analysis. The new innovation stage emerges in a wide range of gear by giving immensely considerable usefulness instinctive methodology. Best to the first off time, courses and specialists could get an OEM-level symptomatic treatment made for the reseller's exchange.

The Diagnostic Scanner Autoland iscan II wt is the most recent item taking demonstrative abilities to a radical new level. It has the same multi brand usefulness as the Vedis II yet with numerous other uncommon elements. Autoland iScan-II wt demonstrative scanner with merchant level abilities and scope for more than 40 worldwide vehicles is the up and coming era of the first Autoland iScan-II. Sold everywhere throughout the world and a top of the line filter apparatus in the USA, the iSCAN II wt conveys rate and profundity of diagnostics to a totally new level not seen before at this value section.

Despite the fact that the greater part of iSCAN II's scope is the like the VEDIS II, you might ask why the iScan II is more costly than the VEDIS II: What truly sets the iScan II wt separated is the way that it can copy the OEM merchant apparatuses of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Land Rover, Volvo, Ford, Mazda, VAG and Toyota. This implies on the off chance that you have a membership for any of those OEMs or have the OEM programming permit for the product establishment on your portable workstation, the iScan II wt will fill in as reinforcement to your bona fide OEM interface. This implies you can have full OEM usefulness with only one reinforcement interface. iSCAN II wt likewise has Diagnostic Online capacity (DOL) accessible at additional expense and available through the Internet.