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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Automative tools provided by Techpro Tools

TechPro Professional Auto Tools offers all kind of automotive special/professional mechanic tools, car diagnostic tools, testing gauge and shop equipments for technicians/mechanics and shop owners choice.

A/C & Cooling System: 
Techpro Tools provides A/C cooling systems like, A/C clutch service set, A/C digital Thermpmeter, A/C Halogen Leak Detector, A/C R-134a Quick Connector, A/C re-charge Hose etc.

A/C clutch Service set
A/C digital Thermpmeter

Air tools:

Techpro Tools provides air tools such as: 1/2" Dr - Impact Gun, 1/4 Dr. Air Ratchet 1/2 Dr. Impact Gun,  1/2" Dr - Impact Gun.

1/2" Dr - Impact Gun

1/2 Dr. Impact Gun

Electrical & Diagnostic Tool:

Techpro Tools provides  Electrical & Diagnostic tools like, 16340 Li-ion Battery, 18650 Li-ion Battery, 2x 3.7V 3000mAh w/ D.Charger, 3W LED Flexible Work Light, 60 LEDs Work Light , Automotive Battery Analyer.

16340 Li-ion Battery

Li-ion Battery


Engine Timing tools:

Techpro Tools provides Engine timing tools such as: 1/2"Dr Digital Torque + Angular Adaptor, 20" Handle Chain Wrench, 90° Offset Feeler Gauge, A/C Belt Installation Tool, Adjustable Twin-CAM Timing Locking Tool, Camshaft Pulley Holder - Universal etc.

1/2"Dr Digital Torque + Angular Adaptor,

Adjustable twin cam timing Locking Tool

Techpro tool also provides the Following Services  :

  • Extension
  • General Services
  • Hand Tools
  • Oil Services
  • Pry Bar & Screwdriver
  • Ratchet & Wrench
  • Shop Equipment
  • Socket
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Testing Gauge
  • Tires & Wheel
  • Transimission
  • Truck Services


Tech Pro Auto & Tools Ltd
1533 Warden Ave,
Toronto, Ontario,Canada,
M1R 4Z8
Shop Fax : 416-754-7802

Phone : 416-754-8000



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